Aubrey Plaza is easily the greatest thing since sliced bread. (We at BUST love her so much we put her on the cover of our October/November 2012 issue!) But before she was breaking hearts and taking names in Parks and Rec, she and a group of co-conspirators made this trailer for Teen Hag, a salty spin on the movie Teen Wolf, "coming to a cave nowhere near you … 6/6/6."

Plaza basically plays an awkward teenage girl (what else is new) who comes into her own when she turns into a teenaged hag, taking over the cheerleading squad, the school, then the WORLD. As an unabashed fan of Jennifer's Body, I would totally have watched this movie.


All Plaza/Hag history all seems to originate from this point. In case you were wondering (like I was) why Plaza’s Twitter handle is @evilhag (a hag at hell swamp), she told Rolling Stone that it all comes back to this video. Said Plaza, “When I was in college, I had a blog called 'Salty Sea Hag' [WHICH IS STILL ON THE INTERNET], where I did political humor from the point of view of a sea witch living on the bottom of the ocean. My hag thing goes way back.”

My hag thing.

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You guys, is it possible there is no more perfect a concept than a “hag thing?” Is there no more perfect a person than Aubrey Plaza? I'm dead. This is it. There's nothing left for me anymore. The future of comedy is a void.

Anyway, watch this rare video below, and remember that what's posted on the Internet stays on the Internet … even for teen hags.

(Also, watch Plaza star in this trailer for a real-life Daria, which, like Teen Hag, tragically does not exist... yet.)

Thanks to Crosstalk, Aubrey Plaza and the universe, for making the concept of having a “hag thing” possible.

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