If you’ve been binge watching the new Netflix series, Orange is The New Black (if you aren’t you totally should), you’re probably familiar with the show’s super villain, George “Pornstache” Mendez. While he’s known as the cruelest, and most sexually devious corrections officer, Pablo Schreiber actually isn’t like his character. For one thing, his character’s mustache goes a long way. 



Schreiber as the creepy and domineering “Pornstache” on OITNB

In an interview with Patti Greco from Vulture, Schreiber says that the ‘stache felt “pretty real,” because it was practically “glued to my face all day.” During his filming process, Schreiber recalls people even being horrified around him, just because of his mustache and it’s representation. He also said that he had “no interest in wearing that thing” on his face, which is why he didn’t bother growing his own ‘stache. In the interview, Schreiber also goes on to say that “Pornstache” is a complex character; Schreiber mentions that even though his character is gross, he's notably viewed as completely hysterical, due to his “lack of self-awareness.”

What some people don’t realize is that Schreiber has played a variety of roles that didn’t require facial hair. He once starred in the HBO series, The Wire, as Nick Sobotka, and previously worked with OITNB creator Jenji Kohan on Weeds. On Weeds, Schreiber played Nancy Botwin’s weed dealer/lover, Demetri Ravitch, in which he was shirtless for many, glorious scenes. 


As Sobotka: so cute, yet mysterious!

A shirtless Schreiber appears in Weeds

Say what you will about “Pornstache,” but let’s all just agree that Pablo Schreiber is ridiculously beautiful, okay? 

Source: Vulture

Images: Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, Collider, IMDB

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