What happens when Pokémon characters of all shapes, colors, and stages of evolution ditch their Pokéballs for the world of high fashion? Hilarity ensues, of course! Though Pikachu and friends won’t be strutting down the runway anytime soon, you can find them ‘shopped into fashion editorials on one 23-year-old’s Tumblr.


Francis Phommisai, an Ontario-based Zara merchandiser, has posted more than 300 entries on his Pokémon X Fashion blog. He told the Daily Beast that he conjured up its theme for one of his college courses (and hopefully received an A for it!). And while most of us with personal blogs are lucky to garner a dozen hits per day, Pokémon X Fashion boasts thousands of followers –some of whom are renowned designers.  


In case you’re wondering, Phommisai’s vote for most stylish Pokémon is a purple-skinned, dress-donning psychic named Jynx. He explained to the Daily Beast, “What other Pokémon could rock blonde hair and pink lipstick? Also she’s one of the only Pokémons who wear clothing—I guess you would say the other ones are naked.”

Is this making anyone else nostalgic for her old Pokémon cards? 

Images courtesy of Pokémon X Fashion.