The Wall Street Journal had a video segment yesterday called “The Rise of the Power Flat.” In other words, they brought in an expert to say that, yes, it is possible for a woman to be fashionable and look professional without forcing herself to wear heels. Some of us may have already known this, but the world at large is just now catching up, apparently. 

Maybe the flats craze is just another fashion trend, or maybe the move toward shoes that don’t torture women for the sake of sex appeal and render them easy to topple is one more step toward equality. The expert WSJ brought in, Brooke Jaffe of Bloomingdales, made the political connection herself, saying that she believes in “a woman’s right to wear flats.” (I think she was joking, but there’s truth in humor.)


Watch the video here, to see one woman try to convince another woman (who, for some reason, is resistant to the idea) that “you can be powerful in flats.”