Vaute Couture, the super stylish coat maker, has unveiled its new coats for this winter: a collection of vegan and fair trade coats that are made of eco-friendly and sometimes recycled materials. Even better, they're made in the U.S.A. Founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart created Vaute in 2008 in order to offer coats that were warm enough for harsh winters without containing any animal products or compromising on aesthetics.



The coats are a bit pricey (from about $185-$560), but that's because they’re made of eco-friendly materials, produced by workers that are paid fair wages, and are super warm. (I’m from Iowa, where the winters are borderline arctic, so I can vouch for their coziness.) The high quality of the coats and the company's ethical practices definitely make the higher price tag worth it.


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Whether you’re looking for a traditional pea coat, girly flair, or a cute, stylish parka (no marshmallow coats here), there’s something for every style. The company works with fabrics like a luxurious vegan velvet, vegan ‘wool,’ waxed canvas (a good leather alternative), and zero-waste satin ripstop (meaning no fabric was thrown away in the manufacturing process).


The coats are available for pre-order on Vaute Couture’s website right now, and will be shipping in mid-October, just in time for winter. Happy ethical shopping!

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