While Wonder Woman's invisible plane isn't the most plausible concept, two Swedish women thought that creating an invisible bike helmet was a possibility, despite what naysayers told them. The pair wanted to design head protectors that weren't as bulky as regular helmets, which they likened to "mushroom caps." The result of seven years of research and crash tests is the Hövdin, which looks akin to a fashionable scarf before it inflates. That's right: inflates.

It uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect typical motions that occur in an accident, which will cause a gas inflator to fill a nylon airbag with helium, forming a hood around your head-- it's apparently able to deploy in about 0.1 seconds. It comes in a variety of colors to match your outifts, and for $600 dollars, it could be yours. Would you dare to rock the invisible bike helmet?






Image courtesy of Gizmodo

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