Last night we had the pleasure of attending the party for the release of Ari Seth Cohen's new book, Advanced Style, and it was a thrill to see so many of the fabulous ladies who appear in the book (and on Ari's blog) in attendance. They were all so lovely! The party was held at the rooftop space of the New Museum, and I was charmed by many of the women, who love to dress up and show their flair!


Lady Francesca Todd, (above) – who once owned a lion and an elephant when she lived in Kenya– was darling, as well as Debra Rapoport, who is a D.I.Y genius- so creative –you just have to attend one of her jewelry making workshops! The book is chock full of portraits of the people that Cohen meets on the streets, and they are all incredibly inspiring.

In a culture that over values youth, it's refreshing to remember that just because you may be over 60, style is ageless, and these gals are the epitome of grace and class. This book is important, not just for lovers of fashion, but for every person that values individuality and having fun with clothes, because that is what these ladies are all about. As the Idosyncratic Fashionista's say, "Young woman, you're gonna be an old woman some day. Don't worry about it. Dont sweat is. Every era builds character." Words to live by!

Author Ari Seth Cohen

New Fall Issue d217c

Joyce and her lovely grand daughter.



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