Swiss designer Nicole Locher has launched her new jewelry line for the spring season and here at BUST, we're smitten. The trinkets are built with antique pieces Locher gathers from flea markets in Paris and they feature delicate lace, charms, and little bows paired with pistols, vintage mug shots, handcuffs and dirty phrases. The concept behind her designs is “perversion with a touch of class.” Sugar and spice, indeed.

Each of the conversation-starting pieces are $59. Here are some of my favorites:



I think this about twice a day on average.

A little locket to boost your confidence.

This translates to mischievous little thing. That's something I can get behind.


Browse the entire collection at Locher's online boutique and prepare to surrender this month's paycheck to her cheeky baubles. 

For 20% off all items (except the "sale" section) for Locher's and their sister label Maude & Tilda, enter coupon code BUST at checkout (good until APRIL 15th).


Image source Locher's Paris


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