It’s pretty much impossible for Rachel Antonoff to create anything less than ridiculously adorable clothing and accessories, so of course, her newest fall 2012 collection is nothing short of charming and wearable. From shiny jewels and Peter Pan collar dresses to Bye Bye Birdie sweatshirts and floral creeper shoes, there is a youthfulness to a lot of the pieces that feels both elegant and modern, but playful at the same time. You can't help but fall in love with details such as whimsical heart-shaped pockets and dainty bows on cream-colored mary janes. At one point, I told fellow bloggers that looking at this collection was tortuous because I wanted every piece! A high point of the presentation included actress Alia Shawkat (of Arrested Development) singing a some delightful jazz numbers. She kind of blew me away actually--she was very Billie Holiday-esque. All in all, a lovely collection for the modern girl who loves a quaint, vintage touch. 


Some of the shoes will soon be available on the BASS website!

There were my favorite!


Alia Shawkat singing jazzy tunes.

Tavi of The Style Rookie snapping some shots.

[Photos by Kristina Uriegas-Reyes of Twee Valley High]