I've seen plenty of dudes sportin' the classic letterman jacket, but it's not until recently that I'm seeing ladies get in on the action as well. The bow ties, loafers, and cardigans of school years past have since become staples in many people's wardrobes, so it's only natural that this schoolyard gear would also make an appearance. The jackets were all over the runway, at shows from Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim to Moschino and Rag & Bone. They can now be seen on celebrities and stylish street stylers alike.  

For examples of the updated letterman look, check out some runway photos below, along with celebs and bloggers rocking this old-school style. Look out for my own letterman experimentation as well!


Alexander Wang

Phillip Lim 

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Rag & Bone

Photo via The Sartorialist

Elle Fanning

Lady Gaga


Kristen Stewart

Blogger, Luanna, of Le Happy

Blogger, Sierra Kusterbeck, of Back Words

Here are some of my letterman experimentations via Twee Valley High. This jacket was literally my high school jacket back in the day, but alas it has no "letters." I almost got a drama patch, but that was about it. I wore this to a bar the other night and, for a second, I was kind of scared the doorman would actually think I was in high school. The jacket was quite warm, but it took me a little while to get used to its bulkiness. Overall, it's not necessarily going to be my new winter jacket, but I might just be pulling it out a bit more often.   

When I was chewing gum waiting for the subway, I felt like I was in a girl gang from the fifties. This is my "girl gang" face.

Letterman sweaters deserve love too. This was my mom's sweater from the seventies!

I felt like Sandra Dee!

If you feel like rocking one of your own, Refinery 29 has a great list of options!

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