I’ve been a nail biter since I was a wee lass, so getting my nails done has always been out of the question. Plus, my nails are so small that I would probably have a panic attack trying to recreate the super-cute “Sweet Strawberry” manicure design featured in our current issue. Luckily, there’s a fantastic solution for fussy nail-biters like me - glue-on nails! We showcased some fabulous talons and decals (who wouldn’t want Tom Selleck’s face on their nails?) in the magazine, but that’s just a small taste of the world of artisan ready-made nails.

London’s Emilie Fernandez is the artist behind ChicNails, an Etsy shop dedicated to making your fingertips fly as a mother. All the nails in the shop are within a totally affordable price range ($9.50~$18.00), and the hand-painted nails come in various sizes. (So don’t worry if the nail on your ring finger is freakishly larger than the others.) Pick up your own set at the ChicNails shop! You can even Convo her on Etsy to request a custom set. Here are my top picks from the shop:

This is my cheat to recreating the “Sweet Strawberry” manicure. Summer Collection Strawberry Hand-Painted Nails, $16


I guess this is what my peeps from Japan would call “kawaii”. Walking On the Clouds Hand-Painted Nails, $15

New Fall Issue d217c

With these nails, summer is never over. I hope. Who’s That Chick Hand-Painted Nails, $16.50

Aqua leopard spots on silver got me singing, “Yes, we’re going to a party party.” Wild Turquoise “Tiger” Prints Hand-Painted Nails, $13

Not nails, but this ring is too adorable to be ignored. Pink Chocolate Bar Adjustable Ring, $5

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