I mentioned photographer Jamie Beck previously when I blogged about her fantastic CoCo Rocha cinemgraphs, but I didn't really get to talk about Jamie's photography blog itself, From Me To You. The photos are stunning and you really get a glimpse inside the world as she see it. My absolute favorite part though are her gorgeous inspiration shoots. She doesn't do outfit posts too often, but when she does, they are extra special. Under the "Daily Outfits" link on the side of her blog is the collection of  inspired looks she's created. I like that they're not necessarily literal, but you can definitely see the inspiration. The above photo is Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face inspired. She's also done looks inspired by Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Seberg, Jackie O, and Lauren Bacall. All timeless inspiration choices!


To see more from each amazing outfit, click here

I've personally been inspired by her inspiration (lots of inspiration going around huh?)! I did a post on my blog, Twee Valley High, to create a look inspired by her Lauren Bacall-inspired look. 

My inspiration: From Me To You

Her Inspiration: Lauren Bacall


The Result:

It's not very similar to the original, but I was more inspired by the scarf tucked into the shirt aspect. I'd never really noticed it before beyond western style. I come off mildly western, but I still like the way it turned out. I tend to look better in darker colors than white so I went with this blue mens shirt I thrifted somewhere for a dollar and girlied up. Below the waist is a black pencil skirt. I went with the pencil skirt over something more flowy to accommodate and even out the klunkiness of rain wellies I wore that day. I also liked the glamour of the red lipstick. I want to insert more glamour into my makeup life so I think I'll be trying red more often!

I should also share some of her other pictures, which are just as lovely. 

Here are few favorites I've come across: