In high school, were (or are) you a nerdy chic girl who secretly coveted the varsity jackets that all the jocks wore? Did you want one, but didn’t want to go out for a sport that you hated, knowing that even if you got a varsity jacket to love it wouldn’t truly represent you?

 Now the fine t-shirt and print designers at Death Traitors have heard your pleas, and are releasing a super cute black varsity jacket that perfectly suits Death Traitors style and outlook.

Printed in classic black and white, the jacket features Death Traitors own 666 design, a patch on the front and their own signature print on the back, and complete with a zip-out hoodie, will be sure to keep you warm and toasty for many winters to come. 


The Ladies 666 Varsity Jacket is now up for preorder on their website for $80.00, and comes in medium and large.

Now you too can rule the school, having earned your own varsity jacket for looking awesome.

Photo from Death Traitors.