Watch fashion inspiration Ilona Royce Smithkin in fab fashion blog Advanced Style's new video. Ilona, 90, who favors bold, bright colors, geometric shapes, skilled layering, and self made feather eyelashes, gives some sartorial advice we could all stand to hear: in these capsule collection and it-bag obsessed times, we often forget that fashion is really about how regular people put their clothes on every day- often far more inspiring than an army of models dressed in expensive, stylist-selected get ups. 

Ilona's awesome fashion sense, she explains, is not tied to current fads or fancy designers, "who all do the same thing in a different color" anyway, but in her current lust for color and eventual acknowledgement of herself as an artist. In our "advertisment-obsessed" times, we have traded rigid fashion rules, she says, for flighty, disposable trends. Once reluctant to admit her age, Ilona is now proud of it. And she performs Edith Piaf songs in an amazing cabaret style outfit! The fashion world could definitely use more role models like her.


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