I'm sure that those of you who follow style trends as closely as I do are all familiar with Wardrobe_Remix. But for those who have been sadly left in the dark about this wonderful fashion abode..it's time to get enlightened. A trip to this flickr community started by the lovely tricia royal (writer behind bits and bobbins, another known stop on the styleblog circuit), using your trusty web browser, will reward you the chance to puruse tons of digital pics uploaded daily (sometimes hourly, it seems!) by fashion-forward gals (and sometimes gents) whose mutual love for style and fashion have created an online source for unending style inspiration. This litte lass, cutely titled The Snail and the Cyclops has been on my radar for a while now, and she never disappoints. She literally oozes style from her pores. For her full repotoire of her adorable vintage looks, go here.

Other fashionistas worth mentioning?


Emilie who?


Sherbet Tone

and course, if you're into reading about my latest thrift-store find and the shoes i've been stalking on ebay and silly things of that nature, be sure to swing by my blog! Cheerio!



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