One somewhat unusual event this Fashion Week took place Sunday at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, with the screening of Voula Duval's debut short "The Trophy Wife."  "The Trophy Wife" follows an Upper East Side woman's chance meeting with a "tomboy" music producer, and ends with the two women's new-york-minute romance.   Now I'm fairly new to this whole thing, but it seems to me that short films by first-time directors, not to mention short films by female directors with an almost entirely female cast, don't often open with a red carpet and an event.  It doesn't hurt that Duval has already made a name for herself as a New York City promoter turned fashion designer (she's behind the "Unstoppable" name you might see stamped on hats and t-shirts, especially those belonging to famous people), and that Jamie Lynn Sigler had a role in the film.  To be frank, most of the news surrounding "The Trophy Wife" is gossip, with film reviewers like Hugh Grant and Vin Diesel weighing in.  But the point of view the film comes from doesn't always get a lot of air time, and it's interesting to see it so  celebrated.  Plus it's Fashion Week, and if "The Trophy Wife" narrative is pretty thin, Voula Duval's still got style.

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