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Nicole Rieder is an influencer, activist, and writer based  in Pittsburgh, PA. Catch more of her looks on her Insta at @THEHEFTYHIDEAWAY

What can you tell me about these outfits?  


I am not shy about adorning my bodacious bod in loads of colors all year, but I especially love draping myself in glitter, sequins, and faux fur during the winter months. I love the contrast of the sequins on this Eloquii dress paired with the faux leopard, and hot pink against shades of green makes me happy! The second ensemble (down below) is a winter go-to. I love the look of a casual T-shirt paired with a faux-fur coat. This checkerboard one is more pop art and avant garde—another piece I adore from Eloquii!

What movie characters inspire your style? 

To say I am a huge fan of John Waters and Divine is an understatement. Characters like Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, Babs Johnson in Pink Flamingos, and Dawn Davenport in Female Trouble have inspired me in a variety of ways, from my mentality to how I dress. And Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors made me fall in love with leopard print. Her looks were an awakening when I was five. Vickie Miner in Reality Bites will forever be a crush of mine. Those bangs, the ’70s polyester minidresses, and those red cherry lips—she was absolutely everything to me as a teen in the ’90s.

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What eras in history are your favorites for style?

The ’60s was such a unique decade—the fashions reflected the societal changes in every way. It started out like an extension of the ’50s, and transformed into experimental and bold attitudes and clothing. I love the mod, pop-art inspired pieces, but also the bright, flower-power,  psychedelic acid prints of that era. Then the glamour and frivolity of the disco period rolled into the punk music scene—I love it all. As an elder millennial, I was obsessed with ’90s takes on ’60s and ’70s fashion. I appreciate the Y2K clothing that’s popular now because it’s all the fashion I grew up with, but now I can find pieces in my size and can afford them! 

Any advice for conveying your personal style while being bundled up for the winter?  

Faux-fur items are a go-to. Leopard is a neutral, as far as I am concerned, and goes with every color and most other prints. Enamel pins and brooches are great details to add further personality. For added kitsch, I wear a vintage Liddle Kiddle brooch on my lapel. I strongly believe in wearing items that make you feel some sunshine even on the cruddiest, coldest winter day! Sometimes you have to create those pockets of joy. –maya mehrara       

Invoke Your Inner Kitsch Queen With Nicole’s 7 Most-Wanted Picks

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1. Bait Footwear, Kira Metallic Sandals, $68


2. Betsey Johnson Kitsch Boob tube Crossbody bag, $98  


StraightToHell ec300

3. Straight to hell the DeVille Coat, $215


4. ASOS: In the Style Plus Exclusive Sequin Long Sleeve Wrap Mini Dress in Mermaid Blue, $44 

NANNY f90aa

5. Doodad + Fandango Fran Fine Earrings, $95


6. Sourpuss Psycho Zebra Ringer Tee Dress, $56

RING 6b233

7. Swarovski Dulcis Cocktail Ring, $225 




Maya Mehrara is a senior at the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study pursuing a degree in Theater, Creative Writing, and Women's Studies. She lives in the East Village and enjoys reading, playing guitar, and spoiling her cats. You can follow her at @mehrara_maya