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New Year’s Eve brings on the urge to manifest an entire year’s worth of goals and resolutions. But if we’re being honest, it also brings stress when figuring out what to wear to celebrate. The solution? Focus on your makeup instead! Donni Davy, the Emmy-winning makeup artist for Euphoria and cofounder of Half Magic Beauty, created a glitzy makeup tutorial for BUST readers to wear when the ball drops–and beyond. The best part is, you don’t have to be a pro to do it yourself.

Davy puts a new spin on traditional festive makeup using stick-on studs instead of shimmer. “The rose gold spikes are a way to do a rhinestone gem moment that’s elevated and chic,” she says. Ahead, see how to get an NYE makeup look that’s equal parts glam and grunge using products by Half Magic Beauty


Step 1

Apply a rusty metallic shadow (Glamourust, $12) to the eyelid, all the way up to the temple. Dab a gold shadow (Karat Kween, $12), on the inner corner of eyes.

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Step 2

Tightline the eyes with a creamy black eye pencil, creating a wing at the inner corners. Smudge with a precision eye shadow brush, extending the outer corner into a wing.

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Step 3

Apply a glossy metallic taupe shadow (Wet Pebble, $12) on top of the eyeliner. “It makes it really smokey but also shimmery and wet-reflective-looking,” says Davy.


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Step 4

Using tweezers, apply rose gold Face Studs ($12) to the inner eye and bridge of the nose for a “punk feel.” Finish with fake lashes or a few swipes of mascara.

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Step 5

With a fluffy blush brush, apply a lilac shimmer (Pretty Robot, $12) to the highest point of cheekbones near the eye, and Light Trap ($20), a violet highlighter, to cheeks.

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Photography by Kat Borchart

Makeup by Donni Davy

Model Ifeoma Bosah @minellimanagement