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Melissa Blue
Vintage Seller and Musician
Los Angeles, CA

Tell me about this outfit.


I’m wearing a late-1920s jumpsuit—those are pants! I got it at Avalon Vintage in L.A. It has a really dramatic open back and yarn embroidery details. The fingerless gloves are from the 1930s, so are the shoes, which I got at Squaresville, another vintage shop in L.A. The 1970s earrings are from my best friend who hosts the Foxy Flea Market in N.Y.C. Bakelite bangles are my signature.

How would you describe your style?

Old Hollywood Art Deco glamour is always the biggest influence, but with a dark side. Anything that looks evil is what I like. Egyptian revival is my other inspiration.

What's inspiring you right now?

Anything styled or photographed by Serge Lutens—his imagery is very late-’70s-disco-glam does Art Deco. And Natacha Rambova, she was a set designer and costume designer in the ’20s. She was married to Rudolph Valentino.

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You wear mostly vintage. Are you strict about sticking to certain decades?

A lot of people are, but I am a big believer in mixing eras. Sometimes people ask, “Do you wish you were born in another era?” And my answer is always no, no, no. Human rights sucked up until pretty recently, and they are pretty bad still. The advantage we have living now is that you can look and dress pretty much however you want. I think that’s the most important part of dressing. It’s just expressing yourself—not living by any rules.

Have you ever seen someone on the street wearing an item you sold?

No, but I’ve seen an item in a movie! The Love Witch. It was a little ‘60s mod dress that I loved but let go.

What draws you to vintage, beyond the aesthetic?

Wearing vintage for me is like the biggest way of recycling—not buying into fast fashion. I source my vintage from the bottom up. I’m digging through trash most of the time.



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1. Egyptian Revival Earrings, $40.47
2. Katharine Trousers in Burgundy Soft, £79
3. The Shake Appeal Sunglasses in Tokyo Tortoise/Grey, $79
4. Topshop Western Faux Leather Jacket in Cream, $46.97
5. Longline Spiral Stitch Overwire Bra, $78
6. Mina Platform Heels in Black, $249

By Lisa Butterworth
Photographed by Corina Marie Howell

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