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Imagine a world where you can buy crystal infused cosmetics that promote the healing qualities of such stones in your beauty routine. Thanks to the recent collab between The Hoodwitch and Smashbox Cosmetics you can pep up your beauty routine with crystalized products that aim to blend spirituality and beauty together.


From eyeshadows to lipglosses that shimmer under the stars, this cosmetics collection which is exclusively sold at Smashbox.com and in stores only at Ulta Beauty (and now available at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada), is beyond amazing and perfect for the witch inside us all. Each product was produced by Crystal Queen Bri Luna’s, Owner and Creative Director of The Hoodwitch, creative and artistic vision.

BUST sat down with Bri Luna to discuss her collab with Smashbox Cosmetics called “Crystalized” and also give us some lovely witchy makeup tips.


What are your favorite items in the collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics?

Honestly, I helped to create and develop all the products from beginning to end so I am absolutely in love with all of them, but If I had to choose it would be our Hi-lighter in Opti-mystic—it’s a gorgeous pearlescent highlighter that wears so beautifully! I also LOVE and feel very obsessed with our Primer water sprays in Love Ritual. These products I actually hold the closest to my heart because they took the longest to develop. The scent for Love Ritual is divine. Jasmine and Rose water were infused and the primary intention in creating the spray was based on the stone Rose Quartz. 

What are your makeup tips?

Always apply your make-up to cleansed and moisturized skin! It makes a huge difference in the application and the finished result. I am a lover of eyeliner and lots of lashes. I never leave home without black liquid eyeliner—if I could sleep in it I would. If you aren’t good at applying liquid eyeliner, start off with using a cream or a really great soft kohl pencil.


What are some “witch tips” for glamour?

Set an intention with your desired look, we are working with illusion and glamour here. Magic is about manifesting the reality you envision for yourself. Play music that will enhance your creative vision for your transformation process, I believe having a ritualistic approach to how you apply your make up for the day or evening is quite empowering.



What was the inspiration for the make up line?

I have always been inspired by the art of glamour, of adornment, and ancient beauty practices and beauty rituals from around the world. Learning that the Egyptians utilized minerals and gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli and malachite for their eyeshadows was very inspiring. I really just love the history of cosmetics, alchemy, and again the art of transformation. I was inspired by my favorite Crystals for their reflective beauty, their healing properties and their uniqueness. The entire line was inspired by a mixture of all of those things.

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What inspires you?

I am inspired by the life and death cycles of nature, people, planets, flowers, mythical gods and goddesses.



top photo courtesy of The Hoodwitch

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