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Photographer Sarrah Danziger casted real NOLA artist, styled by other NOLA artist in this bold shoot for BUST.



Danziger AlliLogout 53644


ALLI LOGOUT @totaltwit
Filmmaker, Artist, and Lead Singer ?of the Band Special Interest

Styled by Brandon Kafarela @tooflako

Habit Chain Mail LoinCloth; Depravity Leather Custom Bra And Garter Belt; Pleaser Patent Leather Knee-High Boots; Fishnets: Model’s Own; Leather Glove: Stylist’s Own.


 Danziger JamiGirouard 18284

JAMI GIROUARD @yung.hussy
Designer and Artist 

Styled by Jami Girouard
Set By Meredith Younger @youngsterrrrrrrrr

Yung Hussy Serpent Earrings, Black Fringe Dress, and Red Fringe Gloves; Sanguis Ornatus Choker; ASOS Bra; Thinx Period Panties; Fashion Nova boots.


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LABANNA BABALON @labannababalon
Multimedia Performance Artist and Co-Creator ?of the Famly Creative Collective

JAKE TOOMER @rowdyboi_
Model and Co-Creator of the ?Famly Creative Collective

Producer and Co-Creator of the?Famly Creative Collective

Styling and Set Design by Famly @f_a_m_l_y

On Labana: @Serpentisthewoman Hair Charms; Trashy Diva Bettie Page Bra; FAMLY Upcycled Vintage Jacket And Bustier; Pleaser Rose Gold Shoes; Earrings and Necklace: Model’s Own.

On Jake: Famly airbrushed sacred slut t-shirt and Upcycled plaid pants with attached belt; Dr. Martens Boots; Riq50 Earring; Swarovski Chandelier Crystals Worn As A Necklace.

On Kayla: Rainbow Bustier; Famly Upcycled Jeans and crystal chandelier earring; Hot Stuff boxers; Current Mood landscape platform boots; Choker, belts, and bracelet: model’s own.


Danziger NondiLucia e512f



NONDI @nondi
Musician and Performance Artist

LUCÍA ELENA AQUINO @luciaelena01
?Visual Artist


Styled by Christine Hamilton @cmhstyle
Set by Lucía Elena Aquino


On Nondi: Urban Outfitters Out From Under bodysuit; Yung Hussy Fringe Earrings.

On Lucía: Pretty Bull lemon juice hoop Earrings; Tank top and bracelets: model’s own.




GABRIELLE LEDET @the.eleventh.eyelash
Animator and Painter

Shirt, Jeans, socks, earrings, and shoes: Model’s own. 


farrah full b163c

FARRA MONES @negativehearts
Creative Director of Negative Hearts Intimates, ?Illustrator, and Vocalist for the Band Tuffy

Styled by Farra Mones

Negative Hearts Pony Holder, Deluxe Choker, Vinyl Bb 3/4" belt, and Bandaid Barrette; Forever 21 earrings; Wilsons Leather motorcycle jacket; Wildklass septum ring; River Island leggings; ring: model’s own. 



Danziger MartaAshley 2a6c7MARTA RODRIGUEZ MALECK ?@youcancallme_cookie?
Artist, Filmmaker, and Organizer

Artist and Educator

Styled by Kai Bussant @bussant

On Marta: NastyGal shirt; Vintage Levi’s jeans and Jordache blue shorts; Express black shorts; Urban Outfitters socks; Truffle Collection sneakers; belt and socks: model’s own.

On Ashley: Vans shirt; Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Premium Men’s Shoes; NBA socks; Blue overalls: model’s own.



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