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In our Fashion Nation series, we talk to people about personal style.



San Leandro, CA


Tell me about this look.
I love pairing this Forever 21 top with this skirt from ModCloth because the print is similar and the colors clash. The booties are from ASOS. The Rebecca Minkoff necklace is my go-to for high necklines.

What fashion era are you inspired by?
I’m constantly looking for ways to reinvent traditional fashion with color and texture, but as a base I love the shape of the midcentury silhouette.

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What does body-positive fashion mean 
to you?
It’s about discarding the mold that doesn’t serve us. Rules that say we have to accentuate a waist or appear taller, leaner—all the stuff they taught us on What Not To Wear can be thrown out the window. Find an aesthetic that makes you feel visible in a pleasurable way.

Do you prefer to match or clash your lip color with your outfit?
Clash. My looks can be matchy, but too much monochrome is a pet peeve. I love pairing opposite color primaries, like yellow and cobalt, red and green.

Has motherhood changed your style ?
As a new mom, I adapted my style to low-maintenance mode. I did a lot of thrifting to find comfortable things that were still eye-catching. Once I was more independent from my baby, I brought back my less comfy pieces, like tulle and lace. Slowly but surely, I’ve started to reclaim my slightly higher-maintenance style.

Do you have advice for people who are developing their personal style?
My inspiration is street style. Go downtown or get online to see what people are wearing. You also don’t have to look at people with your body type. If you see a different type wearing something you like, you can find a way to work it! 




Work it your way with some of Briana’s color-clashing picks!

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1. ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Minny Flat Shoes in Leopard, $29,
2. Polka Dot Birdcage Midi Skirt by Who What Wear in Blue/Black,
3. Brushstroke Marissa Wrap Top, $59, and Pant, $72,
4. The Eugene Pant by ModCloth in Multi Stripe, $65,
5. The Babysitter’s Sweet Can Dress, $93.24,


By Allie Lawrence
Photographed by Corina Marie Howell
This article originally appeared in the March/April 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!



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