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If you’re looking for something equally sensual and punk rock for the bedroom, iconic Canadian performance artist and electropunk musician Peaches has got you covered—in all-natural massage oil, that is. 

RUB by Peaches is vegan and cruelty- and silicon-free, and full of nutrients, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil. Other ingredients include black pepper (to increase circulation of skin) and neroli (to stimulate libido), creating a blend of scents and sensations for maximum relaxation, luxury, and sexy times.


“I was using massage oils to make my muscles feel loose, supple, limber, but I couldn’t find the right texture. I couldn’t find the right smell,” Peaches said in a video she shared on Twitter. “So what did I do? I created my own.”

The massage oil is a collaboration between Peaches and Neighbourhood Botanicals, a London-based skincare and oils shop that prioritizes natural, pure ingredients without markups. 

Peaches is known for hits including "Fuck the Pain Away" and "Boys Wanna Be Her." The massage oil follows her latest 2016 release, a remixed album also called "Rub." Much of the artist's work tackles sexuality, freedom, and subverting gender roles.

You can learn more on Peaches’ website, and preorder the limited edition oil through Neighbourhood Botanicals. It goes on sale November 17, and if you order now with promotional code RUB10, you can grab yours for 10% off.


Top photo via YouTube / PeachesTV

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