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When in search of that perfect swimsuit, whether aimlessly scrolling through your feed or on a serious Interweb-hunt, this question may pop into your head: “But how would I look in that?” Because of the body images society has carved out for us, we can often feel discouraged from browsing through the intimates section, especially if we don’t identify with the (often photoshopped) bodies featured. But thanks to companies rebranding their campaigns, these societal standards are being reshaped for everybody and every body.

“It’s our goal to take the stress out of swimsuit season and bring joy back to the beach by providing something for every Target guest,” Target’s press release. The size range goes from XS to 3X, or size 0-26, and the price ranges from $14.99-$49.99, with most items under $24.99.  


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But it’s not Target’s first rodeo; this will be the second year of Photoshop-free advertising for the bullseye boutique, featuring women of different sizes and races showing off a variety of bright and fun suit-styles.

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In a press release, Target stated: “To show off the new styles you’ll see bright, vibrant images throughout our marketing campaign—all meant to inspire guests to have fun while rocking their favorite swimsuit. Something you won’t see? Reshaping or airbrushing. Building on the strong foundation we set with last year’s campaign, we’re celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies.”

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With more advertising campaigns choosing the unretouched route, as well as featuring a wide range of models, real life is finally being reflected in fashion, and we are so riding the high wave. 

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