Feminist women’s brand Wildfang has collaborated with streetwear-oriented OBEY Clothing to create Rise and Riot, a capsule collection inspired by resistance to systematic oppression in today’s political and social climate. The collection was released Wednesday on Wildfang’s website.



In a press release, the two brands stated, “Rise and Riot collection is for those who want to fight the system and band together against oppression. The line was created in representation of togetherness and getting angry.”

The collection primarily works with orange, white, and black colors, and includes resistance-styled and inclusive hand signs, like raised fists, middle fingers, and hearts.


Wildfang Creative Director Taralyn Thuot said of the collection, “With the coming anniversary of the Women's March, we wanted to represent the feelings we were all having in that moment and still have a year later, a mix of anger and hope. What it felt like to come together as women and raise our voices against issues that impact our lives and our future.”

This is the first cut-and-sew collaboration OBEY has done with a women’s brand.

If you’re looking to get into the streetwear game (and feeling angry), definitely check out this collab – I have my eye on the orange long-sleeve and the black trench.  



Rise and Riot can be purchased at wildfang.com now, and at obeyclothing.com on January 15th


Photos via Rise and Riot, Wildfang x OBEY.

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