New Nudes

For many women, it is extremely frustrating how few affordable options there are for underpinnings in colors other than pinky beige. Enter Target’s New Nudes — a collection of bras, underwear, and tights in a range of skin tones, with more shades and products to come!

New Nude1

“At Target, we know that women come in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities and our assortment needs to reflect their outfitting needs,” said Michelle Wlazlo, senior vice president of apparel and accessories at Target. “As part of our continued commitment to inclusivity, our team did extensive research to expand our intimate offerings so guests can find the perfect shade of nude to match their skin tone.”

New Nudes2

Target is on a roll, first with their body positive bathing suit campaign, and now with their New Nudes. We greatly appreciate the way that Target has centered their new collections and advertisements on inclusivity. 

Images via Target

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