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Your friend makes a move on a cute guy? YAS QUEEN YAS. You see a chick swerve a street harasser with style? YAS QUEEN YAS. Literally, anything even remotely exciting happens at all, ever? YAS QUEEN YASSSSS into infinity. Ilana Glazer’s Broad City catchphrase has quickly taken over our vocabulary and the world, and for good reason: Any positive affirmation of the various queens in your life is a good thing.

Finally, your prayers have been answered devoted Broad City fans: YAS QUEEN YAS merchandise exists, is awesome, and part of a dope comedy tour. Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Two Dope Queens' Phoebe Robinson have partnered up with fashion brand Wildfang for the YQY (YAS QUEEN YAS) comedy tour, which is already sold out — all the good ones are, amirite? The merchandise is cute, simple (aka in classic black) and whimsical. With only 10 pieces the line isn’t a whole new wardrobe, but damn if it isn’t a great way to rep your faves and this iconic mantra.


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And about that phrase! Phoebe Robinson told InStyle, "The phrase 'yaaas queen' has been around looooooong before I ever heard of it. It started in queer drag culture. People of color being on the forefront and then forgotten about when something catchy goes mainstream. The phrase just makes me excited and cheers me up. So fun. I just try to remember that if I’m going to engage in the fun parts of queer culture, I also have to participate in all aspects. Like giving back, raising awareness, being an ally, etc." 

Prices range from $10-88, including a fly looking notebook, hat, jacket, and cute ass t-shirt.

Check out the merch’ below, and scream YAS QUEEN YAS at least 100 Xs a day.

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YQY Bomber, Wildfang.com, $88

yqy hat d3eb3

YQY Snapback, Wildfang.com, $32

yqy notebook 7b3c5


YQY Notebook, Wildfang.com, $10

yqy shirt 28e2a

YQY Tee, Wildfang.com, $36 

yqy tote eccd7

YQY Tote, Wildfang.com, $18


Images via Wildfang

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