MAC Cosmetics is linking up with Aaliyah’s family in order to create a makeup line that will capture the late R&B singer’s signature laid back and sultry style. Proof that my fave still slays from beyond the grave.


Announced last Thursday, a day before the 16th year anniversary of her tragic death, MAC shared on Instagram they would honor the 2015 #AaliyahforMAC petition. The makeup company announced that the collection will be released in the summer of 2018. It is lit. All. Summer. ’18.

This isn’t the first time that MAC has collaborated with a beloved songstress posthumously. Just last year the cosmetic brand released a line celebrating the Tejano singer, Selena. The collection included three rich, matte lipsticks in browns and deep reds, bright, colorful eyeshadows, a brush, a mascara, eyeliner and more.

Essentially, MAC could release a palette based off of every Aaliyah era, especially for her role as Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned. But, that is just my wishful thinking. Here are a couple of my favorite looks of Babygirl, that MAC should consider:

Try Again | Aaliyah


This is when Aaliyah came back after One In A Million. She was still wearing baggy clothes and giving her classic laid-back vibes, but this time with some sexy that only comes with maturity. Also, sis was giving us auburn hombre, which was a twist from her jet black tresses that we knew her for. And, let us not forget to mention the platinum eyeshadow serving millennium hottie. Up until this point, Aaliyah had kept all her looks subtle, simple, and natural.

We Need A Resolution - Aaliyah

Right after Try Again from the Romeo Must Die soundtrack, Aaliyah had given us her final, self-title album. This was definitely a grown and sexy Aaliyah. It was still fresh into the '00s and everything was still futuristic, despite being still very much the same. Nonetheless, Aaliyah served everything.


This reptilian look was life. Who else was fearless enough to be in a pit of snakes? Only Aaliyah. I don't even like snakes but I wanted to be her in this moment.



Still not sure what inspired this tangerine and cerulean (yes I have to be this extra and not just say orange and blue) look, but again, Aaliyah=LIFE.


Is this metallic smokey eye, not everything? Aaliyah didn't have to do too much to serve face. But she always served.


Summer 2018 I will have all my coins together and the fastest wifi signal available because I cannot miss this collection.


Above Photo: Aaliyah "We Need A Resolution" video still

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