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Fall is approaching fast, and as the leaves start to drift down, our hairstyles are all getting swept up—into a bun, ponytail, or braid: anything to keep wind-blown wisps out of our faces. That's why a new pair of earrings is essential this season. If your ears are gonna be out, why not flaunt them?


Luckily, the creative vendors from our upcoming BUST Craftaculars have all kinds of unique earring designs that can help add a touch of class, sass, or badass to any outfit.


  1. Metal Mingle


These 1” hoop earrings are sure to capture a second-glance with their unique, minimalist style.


  1. Chains by Lauren

Accentuate your top bun with these showstoppers, grab your red lipstick, and maintain your fierce walk—all eyes are on you, girl.


  1. Metrix Jewelry



These earrings contain pyrite, a protective, positive stone nature lovers will adore. The dangling pendulum makes them a powerful fashion statement.



  1. Forge & Finish


With the option of white or black cubic zirconia, these subtly stunning earrings are both handcrafted and modern.



  1. Hooks and Luxe

For those who can pull off a sleek ponytail, a blunt attitude, and a sharp smile, these elegantly edgy earrings are for you. A traditional Japanese gilding technique is used to create each pair, so they're unique, just like you.



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