"I hated cold lotion after a nice warm soothing shower; my curiosity into the ingredients of my bath and body products inspired me to start my own line of bath and body products."


Ashley Rae Pearsall, Founder of SMOOSH Bath + Body


We here at BUST love all things beauty. From face primers to holographic glitters, you name it, we got it. However, we're always on the hunt for all-natural products so on our quest for sugar scrubs and everything in between we discovered SMOOSH Bath + Body.

Founder, Ashley Rae Pearsall, was an "ingredient-conscious consumer" way before she started her homemade line of masks, scrubs, and soaps in 2012. With hundreds of thousands of products in the beauty market today, that contain questionable ingredients, it is so refreshing to have a line of products that can show your skin some love. Each product is made in small batches with a blend of natural oils and ingredients. 

Check out some of the BUST team's favorite SMOOSH products down below.



Rise N' Grind Scrub Butter- $28.00



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Emergen-sea Scrub Butter- $28.00



lemon 1024x1024

Lemon Poppy Seed Soap Bar- $10.00




roseclay 1024x1024

Rose + Bentonite Clay Soap- $10.00




Rose Clay Face Mask- $16.00




SMOOSH will be hosting a DIY skin care class at the BUST School For Creative Living 

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Exfoliation is key! Fresh, healthy and clean skin starts with keeping your pores clear! One amazing way to do that is with a DIY face scrub. We'll walk you through making a scrub for your skin type for the best results possible. We value simple and effective ingredients so you'll be able to replicate it easily for continued use. From oily to sensitive, normal or dry skin.. We've got you covered..!



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