Those of us who still miss our Lisa Frank trapper keepers need mourn no more. The queen of all things magical and technicolor has collaborated with Target to release a line of pajamas...for adults. That’s right, there are now Lisa Frank pajamas for adults. They’re magical, they’re affordable, and they’re so multicolored they might give you a headache. In other words, they’re perfect.

The pjs feature beloved Lisa Frank characers including Forrest the tiger cub and Majesty the horse with an incredible rainbow mane. Can we turn the rest of the characters into clothes too, please? (Not 101 Dalmatians-style, just screen-printing!)  If you've stocked up on past Lisa Frank collabs, you can pair them with your Lisa Frank makeup or your Lisa Frank leggings


The relevant details, via Refinery29: There are 10 items in the collection including nightgowns and shorts and shirt sets; the size goes from XS to 2X; price range goes from $14.99 to $19.99; and they’re selling out quick, so snap your favorite up right now. See more pics of the Lisa Frank pjs below and shop them on Target here before they're gone. Also, it's back to school season which means that even if you can't score one of those glorious pajama sets to wear to work (it'd fly in the BUST offices) or to brunch (bet you'd get a free mimosa out of it), you can still score some Lisa Frank stickers. Check 'em out below:









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