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Chokers are back in a big way
By Callie Watts

No longer just for ’90s lovers or the sexually submissive, chokers look good on everyone and are easy to wear no matter what your aesthetic. Make this super simple but mad stylish DIY accessory, or cop one of the tight-fitting statement pieces listed below.


- 10 1/2"-long piece of 3/8"-wide velvet trim
- 19"-long chain (any kind will work as long as the links are large enough for a jump ring)
- 1 lobster clasp
- 3 small jump rings
- 2 3/8" ribbon clamps (with a loop for ?attaching a jump ring)
- Charm
- Small flat nose pliers


  1. Use pliers to break the chain into 3 lengths: a 12" piece, a ?1" piece, and a 6" piece.
  2. Adhere a ribbon clamp to each end of the velvet trim: place the edge of the trim into the ribbon clamp and close it by pressing down very hard on the clamps with pliers.
  3. With the velvet facing up, put a jump ring through the clamp on the left side; slip one end of the 12"-chain onto it, then slip on one end of the 1" piece. Close the jump ring with pliers.
  4. Attach the lobster clasp to a second jump ring; attach that jump ring to the other end of the 1" piece.
  5. With the trim still facing up, thread your charm onto the 12" chain so it faces up. Put a jump ring on the other ribbon clamp and attach the other side of the 12" chain and one side of the 6" chain and close the jump ring. Make sure the 12" chain lays to the front of the jump rings on both sides.
  6. To wear, fasten the lobster clasp to a link in the 6" chain behind your neck, making sure the velvet trim is flush against your neck.




Metal Mania: ?This handmade metal collar ?really makes a statement.
?Subtle, $85, vittrock.com


Devil’s in the Details: ?Add this delicate lace choker for a touch of gothic romanticism.
Lacy Lover Black Lace Choker Necklace, $18, lulus.com



High-Low: ?This suede and metal choker can be wrapped so the quartz crystal ends drop at different lengths.
Serayah Gold and Crystal Quartz Choker, $59, wanderlustandco.com



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The Future is Clear: ?This PVC piece can be customized to fit your neck and comes in four different color schemes.
?Holographic Choker Collar, ?$30, apatico.com



MODEL: Millie Novak @ Q MODELS; MAKEUP: Candice Forness; HAIR: Richard Keogh
Photographed by Lauren Perlstein

Choker Photos: Lauren Perlstein


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