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It’s here! Lisa Frank makeup is here, and this is not a drill! From the moment we first laid eyes on those rainbow colored coloring books and kitten stickers, we were in love. While Lisa Frank’s whimsical designs and products colored our childhood, many of us left that behind with our other childhood toys (regretfully). Thankfully, there is good news — Lisa Frank is fulfilling our dreams and coming out with a line of makeup products.

Complete with unicorn rainbow brushes, the line only gets better by announcing it will be completely cruelty-free and vegan! The product line has a Kickstarter campaign to bring Lisa Frank fans to the forefront of the creation process- offering options on product names, colors and behind the scenes looks at the products.


Check out the Kickstarter here and watch the video!


Top photo via Kickstarter/Glamour Dolls Makeup

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