Bill Nye Walked The Runway At New York Fashion Week, Is Our New Favorite Model

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Look out, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. You’ve got a new top model to compete with.

Bill Nye the Science Guy walked the runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s last night. Though the 61-year-old previously competed in Dancing With The Stars, this was his first time down the runway. And it was the perfect fit. Nye joined models at the Nick Graham show, which had a theme of "Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.


Nye ditched the lab coat in favor of a chic metallic suit printed with rockets and stars. He went for a friendly rather than fierce approach, smiling and giving finger guns to the audience as he walked the catwalk. Nye also narrated the show, putting his TV experience to good use.

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This isn’t the only time Nye and Graham have paired up. They previously collaborated on a collection of statement bow-ties that feature prints of rocket ships, atoms, beakers and the periodic table of elements. Graham also dressed Nye for his new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves The World, on which Nye will be joined by fellow model Karlie Kloss.

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Nye spoke to Vogue.com about his passion for fashion before the show, revealing that he owns over 500 bow ties and sharing his top 3 fashion tips:

1. Wear socks that go up to your knee, or what I call ‘talk show socks.’ Otherwise, you expose skin and you appear to be coming undressed when you cross your legs while seated, say, in a low puffy chair at a lounge-style bar.

2. You can’t go wrong being just a tad more dressed up than any other guy at a party or event. For example, choose a sport coat over a sweater.

3. Jeans don’t go with everything, so when in doubt, wear color-coordinated slacks instead of jeans. I will probably never be a fan of designer jeans with embroidered stars either.

The show also featured astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 87 — who, like Nye, has never modeled before. Aldrin wore a silver bomber jacket and black tee for the show.

“Walking the runway for @itsnickgraham #Mars collection WAS as easy as walking on the moon. #NYFWM,” Aldrin tweeted, adding that with him and Nye on the runway, "science never looked cooler."

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Watch Nye and Aldrin strut their stuff on the runway below.


Photos via Facebook/Nick Graham and nickgraham.com

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