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The way President-Elect Trump’s new cabinet is shaping up, there is going to be a LOT to protest over the next four years. Make sure your wardrobe speaks truth to power no matter where your activism takes you with one (or all) of these feminism-inspired T-shirts.

1. Women: You Can’t Beat Em!


This retro ringer states the obvious with tri-color panache.


2. Feminist Chicks Dig Me


Perfect for you or your boo.

3. Mudflap Girl Reading the S.C.U.M. Manifesto


From afar this is just a sexy silhouette, but up close, the big-rig beauty is revealed to be reading a manifesto from S.C.U.M. (The Society for Cutting Up Men).

4. Old Faithful

faithful 1

A majestic eagle clutching a slimline vibe is the perfect graphic for gals who can take care of themselves.

5. Skullgirl


Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with this riot-grrrl-inspired logo.

6. Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society



Give new meaning to the term “domestic terrorist” in this subversive shirt.

7. What Would Joan Jett Do?


In these troubled times, we all need to be thinking like the queen of noise.

8. BUST Logo


A tee shouting out to your fave feminist magazine will help you identify your tribe in the wild.

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