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Natasha Vaynblat is New York-based improviser and comedian who owns a lot of clothes and feels a type of way about it. On her Instagram, Natasha pairs her colorful wardrobe with captions that satirize the ridiculous world of fashion tips. Since youth, many of us have had a fraught relationship with "fashion" and its inner trappings; meant to simultaneously express and stifle oneself. Natasha's photos depict that hilariously! Check it out:


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"The holidays are a time for reflection. I like to do mine in abandoned public bathrooms." Photo: @jonathannesteruk


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"Summer Must-Haves: faded denim, broken desk, bags of shredded documents." Photo: @jonathannesteruk


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"Anyone can wear pants with vaginas on them — fertile or barren or man!" 


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"Pair with: roast beef sandwiches, Liberty Bell puzzles, non-violent drones."



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"Your outfit should stop traffic, and then wreck it, and then impound it." Photo: @jonathannesteruk

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"Fashion Tip: Before leaving the house ask yourself "Do I look like I'm wearing the skin of a muppet?" If the answer is "yes", you're ready for the world."


You can follow @natashawearsclothes to keep up with today's cutting yourself, cough, I mean, cutting edge fashion trends.


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