Everyone's been having fun hating on 'He's Just Not That Into You,' but I, for one, won't join in -- I'm just not that into hating on chick flicks (I've pointed out before that no one ever hates on dick flicks - like all those stupid video-game inspired films, etc).

But at least that movie went to the theaters. Why is it that 'Spring Breakdown,' starring Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, Amber Tamblyn, and Rachel Dratch (who co-wrote the script!) has still not been released, being held at Warner since 2006? Is it being held hostage by Warner's women-hating flim execs ?



It's been scheduled to go straight to DVD for some time now, but still is nowhere to be found. And really, I don't care how crappy this 'chick flick' is; I love these particular chicks, and I wanna see their flick in the movie theater! (We've actually been longing for this film's release since way back when. ) I mean, really, could this film be any worse than, say, Hot Rod (that ones starred Andy Samberg, remember)??? The ladies recently premiered the film at Sundance, where I'm holding out hope that they found some theatrical distribution anyway. I can't find any update about what's going on with it now, whether it will be release 'across numerous platforms' (meaning dvd and maybe itunes and video on demand at the same time), as the film's director insisted at Sundance, or whether there's a small window of opportunity now that Amy Poehler's star has continued to rise.

That said, now that I've finally watched the trailer, I still want to see the movie, but I can't quite tell what's going on here. Is this film going to be all about girl-on-girl crime, suggesting that what sucks about Spring break is the other girls there? Are Dratch, Poehler and Posey gonna go down there hating Spring Break and it's exploitative rituals, and then get caught up in them and end up having a good time? (the VO's 'girls gone mild go girls gone wild' or something like that suggests this). And isn't the ending here just a weeee bit racist? I would think that these particular women's involvement would mean it has to be good, being that they are all (poehler, posey, tamblyn, and i'm guessing dratch as well) very sensitive to how women are portrayed in the movies. Dratch's intended goal with the film was to create, in her words, a 'broad goofy comedy that stars women,' and the crap factor here may very well be due to shitty trailer editing (to make it look more appealing to guys, maybe?) But what do you guys think? Does this film deserve a shot at the big screen?

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