Im with her Jeans

When you take into account the events of these past few weeks, what with Donald Trump’s “Grab Her By The Pussy” "locker room talk" and other accusations of sexual assault presented against the Republican nominee, it’s fair to say that most women want to keep politics (and politicians) as far away from their pants as they can. However, Industry Standard, a denim brand based out of New York is challenging this notion in the best way possible—by embroidering their jeans to endorse Hillary Clinton.

ISembroidery PussyGrabsBack


Industry Standard was created in 2014 by Nicole Najafi and last year Najafi introduced three letter monogramming (typically initials) to her line. She now offers 15-letter embroidery and if you choose an HRC slogan, 20% of the proceeds will go to the Clinton-Kaine campaign. That’s right, if you choose to embroider your jeans with phrases such as #imwithher, Madame President, Hill Yes, or Pussy Grabs Back, you will be directly benefiting Hillary’s campaign.

Industry Standard Jeans

Najafi got the idea to embroider for Hillary when she signed up to be a volunteer for her campaign. She found that wearing jeans with phrases to support Hillary caught people’s attention and sparked meaningful discussion about the election process. These jeans are just one creative and fashion-forward way of advertising your political ideals beyond the classic campaign bumper sticker or a button. Industry Standard jeans start at $115 but Hillary embroidery will cost an extra $15. So if you are in the market for a new pair of jeans, but also want to support your favorite politician, these jeans are your perfect fit.



Photos via Industry Standard @industrystandardny

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