Not only is TopShop finally coming to America, but they have an official date! That 'Opening Fall 2008' sign has toyed with my emotions for years now.

Ever since I went to London a few years ago, I have literally been hoping to have TopShop here, everyday. Sure, I could have ordered online many times, but there is nothing quite like trying something on, or getting first dibs on celeb-designed lines or even snagging some in-store-only sales. Not only are they coming to NYC, but they picked a prime spot in SOHO right on Broadway (just south of Broome)with an overwhelming 40,000 sqft of space.


Plus, there is going to be a probably insanely fun opening party on March 26th at 9PM. Oh and did I mention that Christina Applegate is rumored to be designing a line for them, as well as three more years of Kate Moss' line?

No. It does not get any better than that.

Is it too early to camp out and wait for the doors to open?

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