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 Here at BUST, we are all about body positivity, and that includes being against excessive Photoshop. Advertisements that digitally erase pores, whittle away waists, and even distort elbows (???) contribute to an unrealistic and unattainable beauty standard for women.

That’s why we’re loving this new lingerie campaign starring Girls stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke (who is a former BUST cover gal, btw). The images show Lena and Jemima hanging out in a bathroom, applying makeup and simply lounging comfortably, in a scene that could be straight out of Girls—remember this scene?




The images are part of New Zealand brand Lonely Lingerie’s Lonely Girls Project, an ongoing photo series that showcases “candid portraits of inspiring women in their natural environments, wearing Lonely, their way.”

According to a brand statement, “Lonely aspires to showcase women wearing underwear in a way that we usually don’t see in mainstream advertising and the media. Instead of being objectified, the women who participate in these campaigns – in this case, Lena and Jemima – are empowered and exhibit real beauty that will hopefully help women everywhere feel a little more liberated. The brand also never retouches a single image.”

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We’re loving Jemima and Lena’s looks and Lonely Lingerie’s anti-Photoshop, anti-objectification philosophy, but we have one suggestion for how Lonely Lingerie could be even more body positive and empowering towards women — offer plus sizes! Currently, the brand offers only sizes XS to XL, which means that only women who are smaller than the US national average can wear the brand — booo.

images via Lovely Lingerie

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