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Forget Pokémon, enamel pins are the latest collectable. Customise your wardrobe and wear your feminism on your sleeve (or chest...) with this collection of super cool feminist pins from the best indie designers and artists.

1. Feminist and Proud


1 Feminist and Proud

Feminism is not a dirty word. Embrace the real narrative and spread the message with this cute pin.

Feminist & Proud pin, $7.83, Punky Pins

2. Not Sorry

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For when you’re literally too busy to be dealing with that shit.

I’m Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity pin, $9.13, Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

3. Skate Like a Girl

3 Skate Like a Girl

Everyone knows roller derby is one of the coolest sports out there. Even if you can’t skate, you can totally pretend you can with this pin.

Skate Like A Girl Pin, $9.13, Glasgow Roller Derby

4. Give No Fucks

4 Give No Fucks copy
When the world expects you to second guess everything you do, try this instead.

Give No Fucks pin, $9.79, Veronica Dearly

5. Take Up Space

5 Take Up Space copy

Don’t shrink. Don’t be silenced. Be seen. Be heard. Take up space.

Fuck The World, Take Up Space pin, $9, Weird Empire

6. Girl Gang

6 Girl Gang copy

Pay tribute to your girl gang daily.

Girl Gang pin, $7.83, Punky Pins


7. Free the Nipple

7 Free The Nipple copy

This one’s for everyone who thinks female nipples are a bizarre battleground for sexism. #Freethenipple.

2 Boobs pin pack, $14.90, Coucou Suzette

8. Grow a Pair

8 Grow A Pair copy

Perhaps it’s time we rethink balls = strength?

Grow A Pair pin, $9.43, Radical Buttons

9. Femme Ain’t Frail

9 Femme Aint Frail

For everyone who’s ever been told they need a "big strong man" to help.

Femme Ain’t Frail pin, $6.02, Curly Sue

10. Tampons

10 Tampons

This artist wants to normalise periods. Forget out of sight, out of mind; start the conversation with a tampon pin.

Tampon pin, $7.21, Bangin Art

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Sophie Benson is a freelance writer and stylist with a focus on sustainable fashion, feminism and all things bright and colourful. After starting her career as editor and fashion director of a print publication, she now specialises in working with bold, innovative designers and writes for a variety of brands and publications. She also lectures at a handful of universities, crochets, and hangs out with her cat, Vashka. You can find her work at sophiebenson.com and sophiebenson.blogspot.com. Follow her on Twitter @SophieBenson_ and Instagram @SophieBenson