Isabel Hendrix

It can be difficult to find fashion bloggers that break the mold of society’s strict beauty standards – AKA, white, tall and thin, and cis-gendered – but there are plenty of beautiful, body-positive bloggers out there who are embracing their diversity and absolutely slaying the alternative fashion game. Luckily for you, a lot of them have Instagram, and you can follow them there for daily fashion inspo, feminist rants, and body-posi vibes. So, here’s a list of five of my fave ladies – give them a follow!

1. Isabel Hendrix: @isabel_hendrix 


ISabel Again copy

Isabel 2 copy                   

Isabel Lingerie

2. Stacey - @Hantisedeloubli

Stacey 1 copy

Stacey 3 copy

Stacey 2 copy

3. Jarae L. Holieway - @blacmagic_woman

 Jarae 3 copy

Jarae 2 copy

Jarae 5 copy

4. Jonnaray Ramirez - @jonnarayofsunshine

Jonnaray 3 copy


Jonnaray 1 copy

Jonnaray 4 copy

5. Hobbes Ginsberg - @hhobbess

Hobbes 3 copy

Hobbes copy

Hobbes 4 copy

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