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That's right, you heard me correctly. Lisa Frank, beloved provider of elementary school coolness, is now wearable. I can sport my love of unicorns and rainbows right on my chest, reflecting technicolor nostalgia and the mild odor of a felt tip marker. The brand announced the clothes on Instagram last week:

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For '90s kids, '00s kids, and the adults who raised them, this is very, very exciting. While no longer are the days where we sported neontastic folders labelled with our names on the inside and butterfly clips (I replaced mine with a MacBook and boring bobby pins), the memories of those days are burned into our brains next to clips of The Amanda Show and Full House. 

Check out a few of our top picks from the line, available now at Rage On!

gallery 1468427244 skye sweatshirt

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LSFCT0008U Kitten Roses Mockup 1024x1024 

Images via Rage On!

This post was published on July 18, 2016

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