Gabi Gregg

If anyone knows the power of a killer bikini, it’s Gabi Gregg, aka GabiFresh. The L.A.-based fashion blogger and Detroit native has just launched her fourth collection of plus-size swimsuits (or “fatkinis” as she calls them), destroying stereotypes, promoting a feminist agenda, and changing the fashion world in the process. The 10-suit collaboration with Swimsuits for All features bold prints, sexy cutouts, and names like Empress and Queen in case you wondered how you’ll feel wearing them. They come in sizes 12 to 24 (up to an H cup) and are affordable, too, topping out at $105. Here, Gregg tells us about her DIY design technique and destroying the “bikini body” myth.

What does your design process look like?
I’m no visionary and I didn’t go to art school. I’m coming at it from a consumer perspective, what I wish I could wear but can’t find. I’m bringing trends into silhouettes that accommodate plus-size women. They’re not your classic bikinis; they’re all statement pieces.

What sets these apart from other plus-size swimwear lines?
The prints and patterns—I wanted to offer plus-size girls suits that are edgy and sexy and don’t blend into the background. I’m also constantly thinking about fit. I have a bigger bust, so that’s one of the crucial elements of my collection: underwire support for bustier women so we can swim and walk around the beach without worrying about popping out.

Why swimsuits?
It’s the item that really pushes back on the pressure to look a certain way. I’m working in a body-positive space and trying to convince the world that we deserve fashion-forward options across the board. There’s a whole culture obsessed with a “bikini body” and becoming “beach ready” before we’re allowed to participate and have fun at the beach. That’s crazy.

Gabi Gregg





By Remy Ramirez
Photographed by Kat Borchart
Styling by Jardine Hammond
Hair by Mishelle Parry @ Celestine Agnecy
Makeup by Allie B @ JK Artists

This article originally appeared in the June/July 2016 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today

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