This past Monday, RuPaul's Drag Race crowned its eighth queen (yas, Matt, I told you Bob would win!!), so the concept of men wearing makeup to look like women? That's nothing new. What is new is the social media campaign #makeupisgenderless, which promotes men using makeup for all the reasons women do: to even out skin tone, highlight certain features, blend in, and stand out. Seeing the photos almost makes you wonder, "Why haven't men been wearing makeup all along?"  It's about freaking time!



Beauty blogger Jake-Jamie (aka The Beauty Boy) is "on a mission to prove makeup is genderless!" Jake-Jamie is one of the loudest voices advocating for the #MakeupIsGenderless movement. His blog's About Me page eloquently lays out his manifesto: "To me makeup is genderless, just a very powerful tool that can generate confidence. However, there is still a huge stigma attached to Men self enhancing. I'm not saying every man should wear makeup, just those who want or need it to help them feel comfortable within their own skin." Well, why not? I've been using makeup to feel comfortable in MY skin since 1997. Yes, kiddos, I really am that old. Wouldn't it be anti-feminist to insist that men don't have the same issues with self-confidence?

salihsworld@salihsworld looks natural, but BETTER, with his bold brow!

Obviously, in a perfect world, nobody would get teased for their appearance and feel like they needed concealer to walk to the mailbox (yes, '97 was cruel to me, I'm still bitter), but let's not forget the other aspects of makeup: to enhance your features, to heighten your natural glamour, and to express your artistic side! It's 2016, it's time to tear down that wall separating gender roles. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, and any geese who identify as somewhere in between on the spectrum (or not at all)! I'm gonna grab my soapbox and declare that #MakeupIsGenderless is an important social movement, both in terms of gender equality (FEMINISM!) and in dismantling the rigid mores of masculinity to allow men to express themselves in new ways.

itsalexleonWho's that with the flawless contour? @itsalexleon!

glamourbygabeMaybe @glamourbygabe is born with it...maybe he's AMAZING at blending!

ldweedon@ldweedon's lips and lashes are all-class in First Class.

javi jav87@javi_jav87 with the bold brow and nude lip brings "natural beauty" to new heights!


howste@howste matches fingerless gloves to nail polish to take this look over the top!

jb_mua@jb_mua goes FULL GLAM with this highly-pigmented look!

enriquinovids copy@enriquinovids serving some serious RHPS vibes with this bold red lip!

Yes, chickens, it's about time men got to have fun with the makeup! What about you? Do you feel pressured to wear makeup as a woman, or do you feel pressured not to wear makeup if you're a man? Also, while I have the dudes' attention, have you ever used makeup? Would you? Check out the #MakeupIsGenderless tag on Instagram and double-tap these fellas' photos (and get inspired)!


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