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Georgina Ryland is an award-winning makeup artist from Brisbane, Australia. She specializes in prosthetic and film makeup, but she also paints fantastic eyelid masterpieces. 

She told BoredPanda, “With teeny tiny brushes in hand and an array of paints, eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks, I hand paint everything on my own eye in a mirror; and yes, I can paint the other eye!”


Check out her amazing creations below: 

Little kittens peeping over eyelashes? Sign me up. 

I do makeup for ants 570669f3a5d81 700 copyGeorgina Ryland

Because, cupcakes. 

sweets 57065633054db 700Georgina Ryland

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 

pumpkin spice 5706560454c09 700Georgina Ryland

This "Starry Night" eyeshadow is a masterpiece.

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Georgina Ryland

My own personal favorite: the cute little ghosty guy just hanging out with his eyelash friends. Where can I get one? 

I do makeup for ants 5706699f1f4ce 700Georgina Ryland

Bang bang, baby. 

I do makeup for ants 570669a74415f 700Georgina Ryland

Makeup is art. 


great wave 570655db51ffd 700Georgina Ryland

The cutest little dose of spring. 

I do makeup for ants 57075181e81c7 700Georgina Ryland


galaxy 570655d1a8373 700Georgina Ryland


All images via www.georginaryland.com


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