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"The real you is sexy." That's the slogan of Aerie's campaign for AerieMan, their new line of men's underwear. Continuing their commitment to use only non-airbrushed ads, their #AerieMan campaign features a series of men with a range of body types, all unretouched, all celebrating just being real dudes. And I gotta say, it's full of good vibes. 


The ad features Matt, Doug, Devon and Kevlin (who's a body-positive style blogger at Notoriously Dapper), talking about confidence and how much they like hanging around in their underwear. It's kind of adorable. You can't not smile at Doug happily sitting on a tree branch in the golden sunshine, swinging his legs, talking about how sitting in his underwear makes him "feel more free". Me too, Doug!


You can even see a thirty-second video introducing you to each #AerieMan. Again, adorable. It's refreshing to see some everyday dudes bein' everyday dudes, sitting around doing what your everyday dude friends do-- pantsless yoga, dancing around in weed-printed undies, taking a casual bubble bath. It's an endearing campaign.

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More body-positive campaigns, please! More feel-good underwear ads showing confident non-model folk (Okay, Matt's a model, if you couldn't tell. Still cool)! I, for one, love to see underwear ads that make me smile, rather than instilling a vague urge to do crunches. 

Images via Aerie

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