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Dolly Parton is a lot of things: A country music goddess, a badass business bitch, a BUST cover girl and, above all else, a fierce fashion icon. When it comes to her style, big is better; big hair, big breasts, big lips. And she's all about that sparkle. In honor of her slamming style, here are 5 items that go way beyond a coat of many colors. 



1. Dolly '72 Linen Muscle Tee from Midnight Rider, $76.00

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2. Dolly Parton Illustrated Leggings, $48.00

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3. Dolly Parton Hero Worship T-Shirt, $22.50

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4. Pink Floral Dolly Parton Shirt, $48.00

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5. What Would Dolly Do T-Shirt, $18.80

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Dolly '72 Linen Muscle Tee from Midnight Rider, $76.00

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