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Despite her name, Lady Crappo's nails are anything but! For three years, she's been creating and blogging about nail art as a way to stop herself from biting her nails. Since then, she has turned her bad vice into nail paradise.

Lady Crappo, a.k.a. Emily, has gained over 60,000 Tumblr followers, has been featured on the Tumblr Radar five times and has had a tutorial published in Nail It Magazine.


"I love how impermanent nail art is an art form-- it frees me up from worrying too much or overthinking what it is I'm painting," she told BUST. "It's helped me get back into enjoying art after years of not creating much of anything, because the whole process felt exhausting."

In her non-nail art life, Emily is a psychiatric nurse. "I love my work but it can also be really physically and emotionally draining. Thinking about designs and painting on myself is a nice way to do a little self-care," she said.

Lady Crappo also sells custom nail wraps here!

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Choosing which nails to feature for this article was torture! She has so many of the most amazing nails I've seen. Check them out on her tumblr at LadyCrappo.com or her instagram

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