Earlier this year, Eva Mendes infamously said that the number 1 cause of divorce in America is sweatpants. (She later said she was joking - as did her husband Ryan Gosling. Hey girl.) We were inspired - and put together this list of sweatpants that will keep you maxin' and relaxin' in style.  

Your Ass Is Grass 
You don’t need to smoke all the weed to chill out in these marijuana-and-twilight-print pants. But don’t be surprised if someone passes you a joint. 
Jane Sweatpants, $59.95, mrgugu.com



Dem Pants D’oh
Fit for a food coma, these Homer Simpson sweats will have everyone you walk by droppin’ drool and mumbling, “Mmm donuts.”  
Simpsons Joggers, $35, richmobclothing.com


You Knee’d These
Classic gray joggers get a little more love with the addition of clear PVC hearts.
Transparent Hearts Grey Sweatpants, $89, localheroesstore.com 



KeepIn’ It 100
Trying to get a new hustle up and running? Keep the money on your mind and on your behind by rocking some Benjamins.
Benjis100 Joggers, $52, 7twentyfour.com 



Come As You Are
Go straight from working out to hanging out in these sweats that pay homage to Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind cover. 
Cat Cobain Sweatpants, $78.84, rageon.com


By Callie Watts

Photos: Kate Lacy (Jane Sweatpants, Simpsons Joggers, Benjis100 Joggers)

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